This historic North Amherst grist mill was purchased by its' present owners in 1986. From 1986-2009, the owner methodically addressed structural issues affecting the building. These issues stemmed from years of water damage, termite damage and a weak foundation. My involvement on the renovation began in 2009. Recently, the focus has shifted from addressing structural issues to modernizing and refinishing the interior spaces. The eventual goal is to fully convert the historic mill into a high-end multi-family residential dwelling.


When I arrived on the job, the plywood subfloor was already in place.  In order to create a smooth finish surface, I patched and level the floor imperfections.  In AutoCad, I designed a floor pattern and then scribed the design on the floor.  The laid one half of the VCT floor and allowed it to set.  Then, I laid the second half.  Finally, I painted the walls and trim.